Sunday, February 27, 2011

Show notes show #1:   Introductions!
Audio Podcast available on itunes.  Love to the guild leader is a show dedicated to guild leaders and officers in the world of warcraft.  This is an informative podcast on what I've learned in the past four years of running mine.

Website and

What is this show and what do I hope to accomplish?
·         Instruction guide on all things guild leadership.
·         Teaches leadership skills
·         Hopefully timeless series that people can learn from instead of a "What did you do this week..." kinda show.
·         Show length around 20-30 min.

How will I record these shows.
·         Relaxed just you and me kinda vibe.  Take me with you in your car or wherever your iPod can go.
·         available on itunes and streamed from the main website.
·         Equipment Heil PR 40, maudio interface into a doghouse systems rig.  I use adobe soundbooth and acid Pro for mixing. 

Who inspired me to do this?
·         Leo Laporte
·         Scott Johnson from the instance
·         Total Buscuit from Cynical Brit

Who am I and why am I qualified?
·         High school and college math and science teacher for 17 years, guild leader for 4 years.
·         Tell about my characters.
·         Tell about my guild evolution.

About my guild
·         Where we are now.

What's coming up on the next few shows
·         10 qualities of a guild leader things the human behind the keyboard must have and understand. 
·         Why run a guild and what you can expect.
·         Types of guilds
·         Policy and charters and rules oh my.
·         Ranks and expectations
·         Starting a guild day one and recruiting.
·         Dealing with getting your guild off the ground and how not to take stuff personally.