About my Guild


Alchanon – Pronounced Alk-a-non, began nearly four years ago as a guild of alchemists who worked together to level from level 1 to 70 and raised enough money to buy 5 epic riding skills and mounts. This was about 30,000 gold in late vanilla and TBC. Later we expanded to include some of our other friends including those of other crafting skills. This goal was reached on Jan 26, 2008. The guild has been around since February 19th of 2007, but was closed to recruitment until January 2008.

Currently Alchanon is a guild that is moving forward and accepting new members of any race beyond level 10. We keep the name Alchanon, which is short for “alchemy anonymous”, and the green and silver potion bottle tabard as a reminder that our strong foundation is financial power through alchemy. As the guild master I have multiple children and work two jobs, but still manage to enjoy this game and am there for my guild mates. Most of us are 20 and 30 something’s and are good friends in game and in real life. Our officer core is rock solid, very helpful and are good people.

Over the last three years, Alchanon has grown to a guild that boasts members from across the world. We represent several states, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom. We are from a myriad of occupations: teachers, nurses, financial consultants, military, geologists, computer technicians, therapists and full time students. We are not gender exclusive: around 20% of our active members and officers are women. We are not all young bloods: the majority of our guild members are over the age of 18, while the majority of our officers are over the age of 30. Many of our members know other members in real life, and we also have an unusual amount of married or dating couples. The breadth of our members’ ages, professions, and genders and the presence of real-life relationships makes our guild a unique community: friendly, familiar, and passionate about World of Warcraft.

We conduct ourselves in a mature fashion; while still having a good time. We expect all members from officers to initiates to respect and abide by guild policy and to be helpful toward our guild and those outside our guild; however, anything goes with the filthy alliance. We have worked very hard to establish the guild culture that we have today, which is polite, caring, and mature, so please play responsibly.

Krrang/Hypnotyc/Violentfemm/Eminent - "Boss".