Monday, November 28, 2011

Episode 10: Tearing down and rebuilding

This episode discusses the last few months of my guild. Going from total melt down to the start of anew era in my guild. I hope you enjoy! If you'd like to contact me send me an email to


  1. Glad to hear the guild is in a happy Place now. I miss the wrath days...Killing Arthas with you guys.

  2. Just to allay your fears, there are peeps out who still listen to the show :-)
    Really glad to hear that the drastic measures paid off.
    I am somewhat in the same position currently and feel that a shakeup of a similar nature would do "us" a world of good. In hindsight, are there any steps you would do differently?

    I'll kepe my name out of things to protect the innocent :-P

  3. Just listened to the episode, very informative. What you did was brave and took guts, and I'm glad it seems to be paying off. Here's hoping that things settle in a very good way, and that you'll be able to devote the time you need to family AND the guild. :)

  4. Hey I have a blog for gaming leaders, for support and dealing with day to day issues when running a gaming communit/clan/guild. If you got 5 minutes, come over and check us out:D we don't bite.