Friday, April 22, 2011

Episode 4 Types of Guilds

Show Notes #4
• What is a guild?
• Why run a guild?
• Types of guilds.
• Can you do it?

What is a Guild?
• A guild is a collection of people, organized to achieve common goals.
• A guild is a team and each team member and each team member should have each other's back.
• There should be an incredible sense of pride within the people behind the keyboard.
• A guild can become more than just a title on your screen.
• There is a name that you are or will be responsible for-Don't let a jack hole act like an idiot in trade chat because people will associate you and your guild to his behavior. (Isn't the first thing we do when someone in trade acts like that is shift-click on the name and check out the guild they are in?)
• It is very possible if not highly likely that you'll spend more time with people in your guild than with family and real life friends.
• Everyone should have a voice in a guild.
• The green chat of friends. These are the people you count on.
• BUT...leading is a huge responsibility because they don't have to come back. They are not getting paid.
• What keeps them coming back is you and their trust in you to provide direction and focus the guild in the correct direction.

• Why Run a Guild?
• Are you a person that says to yourself, "If I were in charge, I would..."
• Do you think in a structured logical way? If we push here what will happen.
• Can you set goals and stride to them?
• Running a guild is the ultimate experience in WoW.
• -You put others in charge of things that you create.
• -You create this "vehicle" that others get in together for common success and good times.
• You give up a lot of freedoms but when things are going well there is nothing better. There will be many monkeys that will get on your back.
• -Arthas.
• -Prince.
• You will probably compare yourselves to other guilds of your goals. Casual guilds should never compare their raid progress to a hardcore raiding guild. That's ok too. Friendly competition is always good. It's what focuses a team.

o Types of Guilds
o 2 main groups.
• Non raiding guilds.
• Raiding guilds.

o Non Raiding Guilds
o PVE Guild:
• Focus on battlegrounds
• Focus on arenas.
• PvP achievements, city raids.
• Can have hardcore attitude.
• Not the social hour.
• Focus on one of the hardest aspects of the game.
• They will train you but it probably isn't very casual.
• They are going to want to play with losers.

Social Guild
• Group of friends.
• Maybe 5 man stuff whenever.
• Not that consumed with gear.
• Enjoy the company but spare time is ok.
• Can be friendly and can be a place with buttholes

Leveling Guild
• Ok seriously I fail to believe this actually exists although I see it in trade chat all the time.
 -Whenever possible I ask them what they are looking for in a guild.
 -Always the answer is, "People to run me through stuff." NO NO NO-Never invite these people. EVER!
• How could someone be in charge of this?
• The name implies that people leave the game after 85.
• That would nightmarish hell and totally NOT gratify at all!
 Some guild leaders want to help lower level people out but this should never be the sole focus of your guild, because people are just using you, AND they will leave you!

 Roleplaying Guilds
• Some are rigid.
• Very uncommon style of guild.
• Toon histories, chat must be done in character.
• It's for some but not for others.
• Form a guild master prospective I can't imagine trying to police that, you didn't say, "mon" like a troll when you asked if anyone had obsidian ore.

 Crafting Guilds
• Usually a group of alts looking to RAISE money together.
• Highly uncommon.
• Beware doing this with strangers.

 Bank Guilds
• Couple of people buy bank tabs and share the space.
• Can be the corpses of dead guilds.
• People sell the guilds.
• Some of the biggest guilds out there are now just some dude's bank.
• People server transfer and leave them behind.
• Space is nice, but this really isn't a guild, just more space.

o Raiding Guilds.
o Hardcore Raiding Guild.
• Attendance is mandatory or you are out and you'll be replaced.
• Numbers and performance are everything-All that matters is raid progression.
• If you can't cut it you're out.
• Can be friendly but normally it's more like a business.
• Not so much about time.
o -Many don't play much other than raiding.
• Different levels of hardcore/pro world firsts and all that.
• Best players in the world, may not be the nicest because they need the best of the best gear to be the best.
• Put up with a lot of ATTITUDE for the price of gear and progression.
• Have rigid loot rules and policies.

o Casual Raiding Guild
• RAIDING is a main focus but not the only focus.
• Social interaction is also a main focus
• Probably the most common medium to large style of guild.
• Tend to be semi to super structured with policies and regular events.
• Attendance to raids is not mandatory.
• It is kept fairly friendly overall-however these guilds can be a hot bed for drama because of the social aspect of it.
• Raiding process is always behind the hardcore guilds. 1-3 nights per week normally, but tend to have other non-raid events from time to time.
• Get a lot of talented players that can't commit to the hardcore raiding guild's attendance and policies-OR-They like to play well but not so serious.
• Tend to be fragmented.
o -People that are into gear.
o -People that are into achievements or solo play.
o -People that are always on vent and people that are not.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Hello Medivh #2 Interview with Happielock from Pros

This is another fantastic interview from the local guilds around Medivh. Here we learn about a much different kind of raiding guild featuring the guild leader Happielock from the guild Pros. This fast paced, exciting interview is eye opening into a smaller style raiding guild. It was great meeting Happielock and discussing guild management. I hope you all enjoy!