Sunday, June 5, 2011

Episode 7 - Two Bad Attitudes, intro to ranks, naming choices

The 2 Loser Attitudes

1. Don't ever say "Well you can't please everybody." You can't cave to everything people ask for obviously, but you can surely try to please everyone or at least communicate as to why you can't do what was requested.

2. Don't ever say "I don't care what people think of me." How could you expect people to listen to you with an attitude projected onto people that you don't care what they think or have to say. Can you be different - yes! But never walk around like a little moron under a cloud of your own negative funk, using the cop out excuse, saying you don't care what people think of you. The number one need is to be accepted, the number one human fear is rejection. I have a little secret for you...if you act like that as if you are gaining fake self confidence...people actually hate you! And they are talking behind your back.

Do try to listen to all angles and try to always make as many people happy as possible. Always make correct decisions, running a guild and life in general is about making as many correct decisions as possible. It's not easy.

Naming Choices: Don't be too silly, short is always cooler. Try to make it reflect what you are about. No Will Smith or Epic Fail or overly dramatic names.

Ranks & Privileges
I recommend sticking to the stock ranks. Simple, but they work.
If you are going to be creative by all means go for it, but be real sure to fully explain what you mean by the rank descriptions.
You can tweak permissions for the ranks and for the guild bank, based on their current ranks you can allow them to withdraw certain amounts of stuff.
Make sure that if you make any changes your guildies know about it immediately. Post it in writing on website. Members always need a place to read about this stuff.

I just made a change to the "member" rank recently. The very first thing I did was put it on the website. If it's major stuff then you probably want to get officers opinions.

Mainly though you need an initiate rank, member rank, alt rank, and officer rank.
Don't go willy nilly changing ranks all over the place. Consistency is everything.


  1. Wasn't Epik Phail server 4th in progression? And what ever happened to them? Transfer?

  2. I disagree 94%. The FIRST thing you should say is "You can't please everyione." This mantra should drive you to do the thing that is fair and reasonable for the guild as a whole. When you start a guild you should know right off the bat that some people are just not going stay. They are going to find some reason (it may be legitimate and might not be) but some people will disagree with some of the decisions made and ultimately you might not be able to please them. The "You can't please everyone." mantra should not be excuse to not listen to people, it shouldn't be an excuse to ignore compromise, and it should not be used not to revise/rethink/review rules and guidelines from time to time. It is not possible to please everyone, and deluting yourself into thinking you can at least try is an exercise in futility and a recipe for failure. That goes for the real world and the world of warcraft.