Monday, June 13, 2011

Episode 8 - Starting a guild day one

Episode 8 - Starting on Guild Day 1

Things you need to have together:
1. Policy and rules
2. Name and tabard design
3. Any special rank ideas
4. Personal recruiting goals
5. A plan on how to develop a sense of pride
6. Website -
7. Ventrilo server - NationVoice
8. A little bit of gold for bank tabs
9. Have an established level 85 character and all of your alts in the guild.
- If you are going to truly be a guild leader you need to fully commit to it. Even officers shouldn't be in other guilds.
- If you and the leadership can't put your heart in it how do you expect your people to be?
10. Go in with a friend
11. Right now figure out what you want to be. What kind of a guild do you want? You have to be in alignment to this or it will fall apart.
12. Don't ever forget who's in charge.
- The more stuff you have in writing the less drama and people questioning it.
- People may try to take over at first- Don't let them.

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