Saturday, May 7, 2011

Episode #5: What a guild leader wants in a guildy

Show #5: What a Guild Leader Wants

What a Guild Leader Wants...
• In a nutshell to avoid drama and have a rich, fun experience.
• You want a thriving guild.
-People who quit the game for 6 months expect the guild to die, it's awesome when they are shocked to find the guild even better then they left it.
-You want a culture that carries on when you aren't there.
• You want a structured environment where people can enjoy a pleasant experience.
-You can always loosen up but it's way harder to tighten up.
• As a guild leader you NEVER want to feel like you can't trust your people.
• You want your guild growing under control.

Why Have So Many Rules:
-You want to cover as many bases as possible.
-Nothing makes you look more stupid than to have a situation come up that you don't have it covered. Loot for example.
-You'll have to make tough decisions from time to time but what normally happens is people will start pointing fingers at you saying you play favorites and it's not fun. Rules and Policy prevent this from ever happening.


  1. I heard your clip on The Instance and thought that I would give it a listen. Started with episode 1 and worked my way up. Really great stuff so far! Thank you for your time and effort. I may have some thoughts for you to consider that I will pass along to you in an email soon.

    Keep up the great work!

    Guild Master of - Thrall (US)

  2. Heh. That was supposed to say "Guild Master of Drunken Squirrels - Thrall (US)"

  3. I'd like to download your podcast, but I don't use iTunes. Can you add a direct download onto your blog page?

  4. Thanks for the comments you can download the show like you want to at

  5. Hey Krrang,

    Discovered you thru The Instance podcast! Thanks for doing this podcast! I just inherited a guild right when you started doing these episodes so it was perfect timing. I'll probably be sending you some emails with questions in the near future. Thanks so much!

    Goldshire Guild
    Zuluhed Server

  6. Thanks Brianor. Send any and all questions to me to and I'll try to fit them in a show and respond to it. I really considering having a segment of guild leader Q&A from listeners on the show after next.