Thursday, May 19, 2011

Episode 6 - How to create a Charter and Code of Conduct

Hey all,

Thanks again for all the amazing support and kind words. This show is a bit longer than others - almost a double episode. Going out of town for several days and wanted to put out a very important show on the behind the scenes nuts and bolts of guild management. This show focuses on the foundation of any successful guild the code of conduct. I didn't skip anything here as this show is 44 min long.

Also I'll be doing a Q&A show soon, so if you have any questions start sending them in and I'll answer as many as possible to the best of my ability. Many have asked for a Q&A show, but I need lots of questions to choose from so hook up my email with anything you want cussed and discussed heh. As always the email to contact me is

You guys are awesome and I'll see you soon.


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